ALNEF condemns the kidnapping of Comrade Oumar Mariko,  Secretary General of SADI party and candidate to the next Presidential Elections in Mali
Yesterday around 17h00, Dr Oumar Mariko, Secretary General of SADI party and Member of the African Left Networking Forum Secretariat was kidnapped by armed plain clothes security operatives at the Headquaters of his NGO, MEDES-SAPCOM  in Bamako (Mali).

According to eyewitnesses and also according to information from his party, his aggressors used violence and greatly damaged MEDES-SAPCOM premises in the process. His whereabouts remain unkonwn.
Dr Mariko is a dedicated Malian revolutionary whose stance against dictatorship and his fight for the people especially the poor, the peasants and the working class in Mali, in Africa and in Latine America is unquestionable. His determined resistance to imperialist aggressions on the continent especially in Mali, Ivory Coast and Libya just to name a few show that Dr Oumar Mariko is a true internationalist.
His kidnapping happens four weeks after the beginning of the French intervention in Mail and few days before planned trips to Danemark and Sweden and a couple of weeks before the holding of ALNEF General Assembly in Tunis where he was due to give prime and first hand appreciation of the situation in Mali. His attackers might have the intention of silence him.

The ALNEF vigorously condemns this coward and lawless act and demand that he be allowed to speak to his family and party. Such behavior cannot be tolerated. ALNEF hold the Malian government responsible of whatever could happen to Dr Mariko.
Johannesburg, February 12, 2013
Chris Matlhako
ALNEF Co-ordinator
South African Communist Party, International Relations Secretary
Contact: Email:; Phone : +27835766011; +27832558804

"International solidarity is not an act of charity: It is an act of unity between allies fighting on different terrains toward the same objective. The foremost of these objectives is to aid the development of humanity to the highest level possible." - Samora Machel (1933 - 1986) Leader of FRELIMO, First President of Mozambique