The Cameroon Resistance Council - Umnyobist Movement (CNR-MUN) firmly condemns the arrest and the jail by the bloody dictatorshipPaul Biya, of the Comrades Alexis Ndema Nsame and Albert Moutoudou, President and secretary General of the UPC, respectively,during a peaceful demonstration in Douala, on February 26. The demonstration aimed at demanding a clean and fair electoral system  in Cameroon.

The Cameroon Resistance Council calls for their immediate and unconditional release and denounces the climate of terror that the fascist power in Cameroon is trying to sow in the country at this particular period, in order to preventthe commemoration of the massacre ofFebruary 2008, where more than a hundredCameroonians were killed by the army Forces in Cameroon.

The reluctance of Mr. Biya crumbling regime against any form of social and political demands in Cameroon is an evidence of his dramatical failure and unpopularityas well as his fears of a popular insurrection in the country.

The Cameroon Resistance Council - Movement Umnyobiste (CNR-MUN) expresses its solidarity with the Union of Populations of Cameroon (UPC) against this latest persecution from the neocolonial regime in Cameroon, whose goal has always been since 1955, is to provok the disappearance of the UPC from the political scene and the collaps of the Cameroonian nationalism.

Dead to the criminal dictatorship of Paul Biya!

The struggle continues! In solidarity we shall conquer!


Hamburg, February 27, 2013

 Tene Sop

Secretary General of

the Cameroon Resistance Council - Umnyobist Movement(CNR-MUN)