Statement of the Cameroon Resistance Council – Umnyobist Movement related to the killings 150 persons  by trrorists in Garissa,Kenya

 Members and supporters of the Cameroon Resistance Council have being profoundly shocked by the terrorist attacks perpetrated by al-Shabaab fanatics, a terrorist group from Somalia, at the University of Garissa in Kenya, on April 2. These coward and backward attacks killed up to 150 innocent and harmless students and wounded many others.

Regarding this terrible situation, the Cameroon Resistance Council – Umnyobist Movement (CRC-UM); a panafrican, anti-imperialist, internationalist and socialist movement, member of the African Left Networking Forum (ALNEF):

-          conveys its deepest condolences to the families of the victims of this barbaric act as well as to the people of Kenya, traumatized by these horrible tragedy

-          firmly condemns with all its forces, these criminal attacks against harmless students and  expresses its support to the people of Kenya  in his struggle against al-Shabaab terrorists in their country

-          Salutes the mobilization and the vanguard role played by the Social Democratic Party of Kenya (SDP) and its leaders after these tragic events

-          Appeals to African governments and to the Organization of African Universities, to show more solidarity in such circumstances in the future.


The struggle continues

For Cameroon and Africa, we will conquer


10 April 2015


Tene Sop

Executive Secretary of the

Cameroon Resistance Council – Umnyobist Movement